Big Bucks Game

Join us at the J&B Hive to play the fun business game designed t o help small business owners to learn more about book keeping.

About Big Bucks

Big Bucks is a small business simulation game intended to help SMMEs who don't know bookkeeping to learn enough to manage and understand their own business finances.


Up to four ‘businesses’ with two ‘partners’ each, a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Financial Officer, can play at a time.


The board has 28 days in 4 weeks and each business starts at the beginning of one of those weeks

Every business puts its own coloured dice in the bottom left-hand date on its week of the board


Each business takes a Scenario card which tells the partners, at the start of the game:

  • the name and type of business that they are running,
  • how much money their business has in its bank account, and
  • how much its customers owe it, and how much it owes to its suppliers

Throughout the game, the facilitator encourages all businesses to discuss the answers and comment on the wisdom of the players' decisions

If a business’ bank balance goes below 0, the business is bankrupt and stops playing immediately

The winner is the business that ends with the most money ie (money in the bank + money owed by customers - money owed to suppliers). The facilitator may apply to DoBetter.Business for an accomplishment certificate for the winning business.

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Address: Outreach Foundation, 30 Edith Cavell St, Hillbrow