We know that:

- All creatives are different, we each have different needs

- Some of us aren’t entrepreneurial and don’t want to run our own businesses

- We can’t all attend classes at an incubator, during working hours

- We don’t all need to learn the same stuff or in the same way

Programme Breakdown

  • Phase 1 – part a: Is this right for me?

    Weekly workshops


    • What does it take to be a small business owner!
    • Groups experience running a small business by playing a business simulation game
    • How do businesses really work? – introduction to Business Model Canvas

    Participant progress assessment – proceed, or exit programme

  • Phase 1 – part b: Getting down to business

    Blended learning - weekly workshops

    Identify your personal and business growth needs

    Setting personal and business goals

    Personal Development

    • Business ethics
    • Professionalism
    • Personal image

    Blended learning

    • Using online learning tools. Independent learning and exercises
    • Weekly thematic workshops with tutors, mentors or coaches

    How does your business fit into the Business Model Canvas?

    • Who are our customers?
    • What we are offering to our customers that they find valuable?
    • How does our business make money?
    • Where do our staff and suppliers fit in?
    • How much does it cost to make what we sell?

    Building a successful creative arts business from scratch

    • What is your Business Idea?
    • What resources do you have?
    • Using a gap analysis to see the threats and address them
    • Potential risks and how to deal with them
    • How to make and manage your money – profitably

    Participant progress assessment – proceed, or exit programme

  • Phase 2: Growing the Business

    Blended learning - weekly workshops

    What is a Lean Startup and how does it work?

    Marketing in greater depth

    • branding, marketing & sales
    • pitching/presentation
    • access to market opportunities

    Finance in greater depth

    • bootstrapping
    • client contact: briefing, costing, pricing
    • access to finance

    Personal Development (including Culture Capital catch-up)

    • Business ethics
    • Professionalism
    • Personal image

    Participant progress assessment - Programme reporting and review

  • Phase 3: Flying solo

    6 one-hour progress reviews - 1 per month

    Working smarter not harder

    • Using systems to increase efficiency and enhance and productivity

    Using disruptive thinking to explore new opportunities

    Achieving growth through financial intelligence

    Post incubation support

    Programme reporting and review

Creatives in Business

The development programme is written to meet creatives’ needs

Contact Information

Email: info@creativeenterpriseshub.co.za

Address: Outreach Foundation, 30 Edith Cavell St, Hillbrow