Seiphemo Motswiri  - performs in Be a Better Dog at the huddle

Seiphemo was part of the 2018 United Solo at New  York City, the world’s largest solo theatre festival. He joined us on the 21st of Feb to give a very exciting  performance of  'Be a Better Dog"  at the J&B Hive.


This show tells the tale of a dog’s life, and shows our world through the eyes of a dog. Humor and light commentary address sensitive issues of care and abandonment that arise when a human being attempts to tackle life’s challenges. He exposes the deep, intricate, entrapping and confusing social challenges deriving from the lack of a life script. This through the eyes of a dog who acts in such a way to depict a human growing through confusing signals about the good and the bad in life within the family, immediate and distant community of parents, siblings and friends.


Audiences are led through a journey of uncertain love, inconsistent family unity and support, crime, race and class conflict, poverty and affluence which all fail to clarify the essence of life in a society of the have and the have-nots, the poor and the rich.


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Seiphemo Motswiri  - performs in Be a Better Dog at the huddle

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